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Thread: Check column setDisabled on locked column

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Check column setDisabled on locked column

    When the Ext.grid.column.Check column is set as locked the setDisabled function is not able to update the layout

    The cause is a failing selector in _setDisabled. We did the following override to fix this:

     _setDisabled : function (disabled) {
                //HACK ExtJS bug. onDisable fn uses wrong selector
                var cells = this.up('tablepanel');
                cells[disabled ? 'addCls' : 'removeCls'](this.disabledCls);
    The current selector used below is not returning any items in this context

    Current ExtJS 6.6.0 code
     _setDisabled: function(disabled) {
            var me = this,
                cls = me.disabledCls,
            items = me.up('tablepanel');
            if (disabled) {
            } else {
    Could this be fixed?

    See fiddle to reproduce (click Push me)

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    Hello, hope you are doing well.

    Thank you for reporting this to us, I have identified this to be a bug, I will go ahead and update this in our bug tracker. The reference number will be attached here for you to be able to track the progress.

    Sencha Support.

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