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Thread: What is the proper way to delete a tab, without experiencing hasOwnPropertyOfNull?

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    Default What is the proper way to delete a tab, without experiencing hasOwnPropertyOfNull?

    -Whenever I try to delete a tab which holds something inside, for example, ReactGridLayout with grid items I get an error: "hasOwnPropertyOfNull" with reference to ext.js:1, and when I try to delete a tab with no content inside it, then it works fine with no errors. It's like it doesn't want to delete a tab if it holds references to something else.

    -The way I delete something is:

    var component = Ext.getCmp(dashboardTabRef.getId());
    /* I have console.log-ed the component, and I get the right component that I want. */
    component.destroy(); /* I have also tried with component.remove() */
    /* Then I perform Redux actions to delete something from the database as well, and to refresh the current list of tab panels. */

    as I read, this is the proper way to delete/remove something (

    -This is the error that I am experiencing:

    -Is there any way to prevent this?

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    Sorry for the delay. I am sending your question to a team member that can help you. Thanks for your patience!

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    In ExtReact, it is best not to use ExtJs methods to destroy components from DOM as react does it automatically on state change.
    Use state to show/hide tabs and hidden tabs will not be rendered by react renderer.
    For eg : import React, { Component } from 'react';
    import { Container, Grid, Column, Toolbar, Button } from '@sencha/ext-modern';

    export default class RelArrayDelete extends Component {

    store = Ext.create('', {
    data: [
    { first: 'Mark', last: 'Brocato' }

    state = {
    showLastName: true

    toggleLastName = () => {
    this.setState({ showLastName: !this.state.showLastName });

    render() {
    const { showLastName } = this.state;

    return (
    <Container layout="vbox">
    <div>This tests that children which are mapped to array configs can be added and removed</div>
    <Toolbar docked="top">
    <Button handler={this.toggleLastName} text="Toggle Last Name"/>
    viewModel: {

    <Column text="First" dataIndex="first"/>
    { showLastName && <Column itemId="lastName" text="Last" dataIndex="last"/>
    { showLastName && <Column itemId="lastName1" text="Last" dataIndex="last"/>

    Here, we are hiding/showing columns ..we don't need to destroy them.


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