it's been two days since I started working on some JAVA EE / GWT+GXT project, It's kinda new for me and I needed a combobox containing checkboxes inside of it's list, I found the following source code on github; GXT combo with multiple checkbox for GXT 4.0.3, and it works fine, the only problem I'm getting is that I can't resize it after adding to a vertical layout VerticalLayoutContainer, I tried the .setWidth(..) on the combobox and even on the checkboxes inside of it, but it doesn't change anything, the width of that combobox is fixed. here's how I added my combobox to the VerticalLayoutContainer :

vlcSide.add(combo,newVerticalLayoutData(600,-1,newMargins(4,2,4,2)));Does anyone have any idea how to change that? thanks in advance.