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Thread: Migrating from 5.1.1 to 6.2.0 GPL, ComponentQuery changes?

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    Default Migrating from 5.1.1 to 6.2.0 GPL, ComponentQuery changes?

    The ExtJS app I'm working on uses electron and has to get 'app-main' in many places in the code. ComponentQuery.query no longer returns most items, it won't return app-main, most panels, or much else. Querying by xtype or id or anything is effectively nonfunctional.

    The behavior worked fine in 5.1.1, but there's nothing in the guide or the forums on what's changed that prevents this from working or how to fix it.

    I'd like to update, but this particular part is acting as a hard blocker without any prescribed way to migrate the code.

    Many bits and missing pieces are fixed in 6.5.0 or newer, but using that isn't an option without a GPL version.

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    I could really use some help here. I don't think I'm trying to do anything oddball or strange here, if I need a workaround, I'll use a workaround. If I need to redesign something, I'll redesign something, but nothing about ExtJS or Sencha, neither the programs or documentation, or forum posts or Google, are giving any kind of guidance or possible solutions.

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    Do you have examples of how your using Ext.ComponentQuery.query()? Maybe a Fiddle? Something to give more information about the trouble you are experiencing?

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    Trying to get the fiddle to do anything when run seems confusing, but as said it's just using 'app-main' as an xtype, and then wanting to match it using query, like query('app-main'). That's how it works in ExtJS 5.x, and doesn't work in 6.2.0.

    ComponentQuery also matches many more things in 5.1.1. I can query for almost anything. For example, in 5.1.1, if I query for xtype panel, I get 33 results. If I do the same on 6.2.0, I get 1 result, and it's not relevant to anything.
    Given that changes to ComponentQuery weren't documented, it's very confusing as to how to replace this with something that works.
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    It's going to be difficult unless you post code that demonstrates your problem. Saying that your code doesn't work leaves a whole bunch of possibilities as to the reason.
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