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Thread: formBind button enable/disable with hide/show field doesn't work

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    Default formBind button enable/disable with hide/show field doesn't work


    I've a form.
    I've a radiogroup in this form.
    When checking some options, a textfield is showing and must be filled.
    When checking some other options, the textfield is hiding and must not be filled.
    In the same time, a button has a formBind property set to true.

    But the enable/disable state of the button is not changing in the right way depending on the radiogroup option check, after multiple check.

    Here is the fiddle to play the test :
    You will see that the state of the button stay enabled or disabled after checking the options in different order.

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    Hello, hope you are doing well.

    The issue occurs as you are changing the allowBlank property but not validating it. Validate your textfield again.

    Updated your fiddle

    Sencha Support.

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