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Thread: Unable to traverse a grid

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    Default Answered: Unable to traverse a grid

    Type: WebDriver
    ExtJS version:
    Browser: Chrome v67

    I have a single column grid that can have 1 or more levels nested in a tree. When a row is clicked an additional form is displayed in second container to the right the page. I need the ability to traverse all levels of the tree so I can complete the form for each level.

    I can locate the first row and click on the first "+" icon to expand the top level of the tree then select the second row beneath it but I'm unable to expand the tree past that point.


    The code that will expand the first row then select the "Parent" row which activates the form. I need it to expand the "Parent" row to access the child beneath it.

    describe('click the tree now', function() {
                it('Should select the first facility from the list', function() {
                    var grid = ST.grid('HCOTreeViewPanel treepanel[reference="FacilityGroupTreePanel"]');
                        .element('//div[contains(@class, "x-tree-expander")]')
                        .click() ; 
                        .element('//div[contains(@class, "x-tree-elbow-img x-tree-elbow-plus x-tree-expander")]')

  2. Try something like this, using ".down" to find the expander in the row. Using ".element" will find an element anywhere in the page - ".down" finds a child element of the row.

    // Scenario URL:
    describe('Tree', function() {
        it('Should select and expand tree nodes', function() {
            var grid = ST.grid('treepanel[title="Files"]');
            grid.rowWith('text', 'app')
            grid.rowWith('text', 'bindinspector')
            grid.rowWith('text', 'noconflict')
            grid.rowWith('text', 'BaseModel.js');

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