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Thread: How maximize browser

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    Glad to hear it's working. For additional reference, this page on our docs describes one way to structure the .js files under the "lib" folder for WebDriver scenarios:, and then using that lib file in a test suite by leveraging Node's "require" capability.

    One other option to directly reference the contents of one of the lib files is to make a lib function global, for example, you could have a "lib/Login.js" file containing this code, that would handle logging in of the user if not currently logged in:

    // lib/Login.js
    global.Login = function() {
        describe('Login', function() {
            it('should login if presented with the login screen', function() {
                ST.getUrl(function(url) {
                    if (url.indexOf('login.html') > 0) {
                        // Log the user in here
    Then, each of your test suites could use the login functionality above by simply calling "Login()" in each test suite:

    // TestSuite.js
    describe('Example test', function() {
        it('should show a list of data on the home screen', function() {
            // Test goes here
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    Excellent! Thanks for the help. I get the scripts from the folder lib through "require".

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