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Thread: MessageBox does not size correctly on iPhone 6 running IOS 11.4

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    Default MessageBox does not size correctly on iPhone 6 running IOS 11.4

    I am using Modern Toolkit deploying on iPhone 6 with IOS 11.4.

    I'm using the Neptune theme.

    When the MessageBox has more text than can be shown with its default size it cuts off the text rather than automatically resizing itself.

    I have attached two screenshots. One shows the app running in the iPhone simulator in my Chrome browser. The MessageBox looks fine there. The other screenshot show the SAME app running on my iPhone. In both case I am running the same compiled code. But on the iPhone the MessageBox does not resize itself.

    Haven't gotten a chance to try it on other iPhone models but the same MessageBox resizes correctly on my Google Pixel 2.
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