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Thread: Fiddle Session times out every few minutes

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    Default Fiddle Session times out every few minutes

    I'm busy prototyping using Fiddle but every time I go to save my Fiddle it seems to be more than about 5 minutes from the last time and the bloody thing has logged me out and I have to logout (because it still shows me as logged in) and then login again..

    Surely this timeout cannot be working as intended?

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    "No access token provided." is the offending and very tiresome message...

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    I noticed this too mainly as I revisit fiddle (even after just couple minutes) and I'm logged out. The session works off a access and refresh tokens. The refresh token is what's used to get a new access token. I believe the refresh token lasts for 4 days and the access token for 30 minutes. So each time you visit the app, it will use the refresh token and give you a new access token and lots of times I'm logged out when I should still be logged in. If you stay on the app, there is an interval that happens shortly before the access token expires that will use the refresh token to get you new tokens to keep you logged in (this happens every 25 minutes).

    I don't think this has changed and didn't start until earlier this year so either they deployed a new fiddle version (unlikely), changed things on the api server (I do know they deployed an update here) or something is wrong via database (which I know they've touched but idk if they've touched the database that holds the tokens).
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