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Thread: The attribute "variableRowHeight" is not working in IE

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    Default The attribute "variableRowHeight" is not working in IE

    Environment information:

    ExtJs version:
    Internet Explorer version: 11.0.9600.19002
    Chrome version: 67.0.3396.99
    Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise

    Scenario/Problem statement

    I am working on a Grid with bufferedRenderer: true. Here, we are working on a scenario in which if user is clicking on the action column of any row to perform some operation like Edit or Disable and then grid is reloading. After reloading of grid, the position of corresponding row and scroll bar should remain unchanged. I am using attributes like:
    viewConfig: {
            preserveScrollOnRefresh: true,
            preserveScrollOnReload: true
    and in column definitions, I am using
    variableRowHeight: true

    The above scenario is working fine in chrome but in IE, the attribute "variableRowHeight" is not working as expected and due to this, position of scroller remain fixed but row position is changing after grid reloading.

    Can anybody please suggest how to make "variableRowHeight" working fine in IE in the above mentioned scenario.

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    Thank you for reporting this issue!
    I am looking into this and will get back you shortly.


    Sencha Support

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    Thanks Joe. Any luck regarding this issue.

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