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Thread: [fixed]There is no effect when I using Ext.Msg.alert

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    Default [fixed]There is no effect when I using Ext.Msg.alert

    I'm using Ext.form.field.Combo, fire it's change event
    then in change event
    I used Ext.Msg.alert
    like this
    addProducts: function (combo, record, eOpts) {
      var stor = record[0].data;
      var products = this.lookup('purchase-add-productgrid');
      var gridstore = products.getStore();
      var result = gridstore.findRecord("ProductId", stor.ProductId);
      if (result != null) {
       var error = 'Exist[' + stor.ProductNo + ']';
       Ext.Msg.alert('info', error);
       return false;
      else {
       var rec = Ext.create('HLZ.model.purchase.addproductgridmodel', {
        Id: 0,
        ProductId: stor.ProductId,
        ProductNo: stor.ProductNo,
        ProductName: stor.ProductName,
        ProductUnit: stor.Unit,
        ProductUnitName: stor.UnitName,
        Mode: stor.Mode,
        PurchaseQty: 0,
        UnitCost: record[0].get('UnitCost'),
        NoTaxUnitCost: record[0].get('NoTaxUnitCost'),
        PurchasePrice: record[0].get('PurchasePrice'),
        TaxRate: record[0].get('TaxRate')
       gridstore.insert(0, rec);
    but it's no effect
    something i missed?
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    Maybe try to require Ext.MessageBox?

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    Are you sure compiler enters the `if` statement where result is not null ?
    Is there anything in console?
    type `debugger;` before `if` and check the statement manually from dev tools

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    thks for your reply, i have debuged this code , and the breakpoint has hint 'if', the result is not null, but eh..........

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    in this form and its controller, the orther fun() can alert, there is no alert in this fun(), only

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    I hava fixed this
    because i used floating:true
    the messagebox be coverd under the combolist

    fix: set the messagebox's zindex

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