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Thread: timefield: set color for some specific time entries or disable the entries

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    Default timefield: set color for some specific time entries or disable the entries

    I would like to set a color or disable some items in a timefield.

    Is that possible? I have tried some listeners, only return false in the beforeselect works, but it would be nicer to gives a color or disable the items in the timefield that should not be selectable.

    UPDATE: actually it's even more complicated. The coloring or disabling shouldn't occur on render, but dynamically, after a click on another item in the form, the minValue and maxValue are set and then the time entries must get the color.

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    Here i tried something:

    Set color and type of record you want to color(both from buttons) and then expand the combo. After this still change the color or the type of records you want to color and still open it. You can modify code as you wish

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