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Thread: Code completion not working in Sencha test

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    Hi Dan

    ".sencha/temp/.ide" folder:

    Also Properties of .sencha folder:
    sencha properties.PNG

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    With Sencha Test closed, if you delete the "temp" folder, does Sencha Test re-create it when re-opening the project and trying to use code completion?

    If not, try creating a new Sencha Test project in a new location, add a Scenario, then a test suite, and see if code completion works (and the "tern-port" file is created)? If it does work, then this indicates a problem just with this particular project. Is your project under source control? If so, exclude the "temp/" folder.
    Daniel Gallo
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    Hi Dan,

    This issue is solved. The file '/.sencha/temp/.ide/.tern-port' was hidden. I've made that file visible and when I open that project in Sencha test Code Completion Service shows as running.

    Thanks Dan for the advice to look the file's permission.

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    This issue was fixed. The file tern-port was hidden!! Thanks Dan

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