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Thread: Convert large Android app to iOS

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    Default Convert large Android app to iOS

    Hi, this is a very early and probably naive question. I have developed a large application with Sencha Architect firstly for Sencha Touch but now converted to Sencha ExtJS. Currently it is an Android only application but I have been asked how much work is involved to produce an iOS application. The application makes heavy use of IBM Mobile First (aka Worklight). We use Eclipse to build the app merging Mobile First with our Sencha app. Mobile First is available for various mobile OS's including iOS of course.

    I'm sure this is an impossible question to answer but does anyone know how much work is involved in creating an iOS app from one that has only been considered for Android? For Android, I just tap the build web app button in Architect and send the output to my Eclipse project folder and build the Android app in Eclipse. Could I do the same and build an iOS app in Eclipse or would I need to build in XCode. I'd always thought of XCode as being just for native iOS apps. I said it was probably a naive question!


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    Not too much really in extjs, there will be bugs on different operating sistems, you will need a mac to build the app... test it, expecially on iphone x

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