Following reveal call causes the click to timeout (tested also on other methods like cellWith()) It looks like the the Futures API can't locate the revealed element as I tried to select cell in the row outside (after) the chain.
   it("Admin deletes an existing parameter 'Comments'", function () {
        let paramName = 'Comments';

            .rowWith('name', paramName)
            /*.and(() => {
                deleteRow(paramName, () => setupPage.grid.parameters()
                    .rowWith('name', paramName).timedout()

Page object:

module.exports.setupPage = {
    tab: function (name) {
        if (!['Details', 'Parameters', 'Templates', 'Experiments', 'Requests', 'Users', 'Preveiw']
            .includes(name)) throw 'Wrong tab name: ' + name;
        return ST.component('tab[text="'+ name +'"]');
    grid: {
        parameters: function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(1)')},
        templates:  function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(2)')},
        experiments:function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(3)')},
        requests:   function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(4)')},
        users:      function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(5)')}
        //users:      function () {return ST.grid('grid[itemId=entityGrid]:nth-child(5)')}

EDIT: added CODE tags