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Thread: reveal() method on ST.future.row causes subsequent actions to timeout.

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for ORION-2231 in 2.2.0.
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    Default reveal() method on ST.future.row causes subsequent actions to timeout.

    Following reveal call causes the click to timeout (tested also on other methods like cellWith()) It looks like the the Futures API can't locate the revealed element as I tried to select cell in the row outside (after) the chain.
       it("Admin deletes an existing parameter 'Comments'", function () {
            let paramName = 'Comments';
                .rowWith('name', paramName)
                /*.and(() => {
                    deleteRow(paramName, () => setupPage.grid.parameters()
                        .rowWith('name', paramName).timedout()

    Page object:
    module.exports.setupPage = {
        tab: function (name) {
            if (!['Details', 'Parameters', 'Templates', 'Experiments', 'Requests', 'Users', 'Preveiw']
                .includes(name)) throw 'Wrong tab name: ' + name;
            return ST.component('tab[text="'+ name +'"]');
        grid: {
            parameters: function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(1)')},
            templates:  function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(2)')},
            experiments:function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(3)')},
            requests:   function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(4)')},
            users:      function () {return ST.grid('#entityGrid:nth-child(5)')}
            //users:      function () {return ST.grid('grid[itemId=entityGrid]:nth-child(5)')}

    EDIT: added CODE tags

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    Thanks for the report. This issue should be resolved in the latest 2.2.0.x build (available in the Support Portal under Nightlies), and the fix will be available in the 2.2.0 GA release (due shortly).
    Daniel Gallo

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