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Thread: Routing issues in extjs

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    Default Routing issues in extjs


    We have developed a modern application with routing. we will be building apk file. on mobile back button click the routing is implemented to go to previous screen
    We are facing three issues
    1. on any screen if we show an alert and if the user clicks on back button, the screen navigates to previous screen but the alert stays active (see attachment starting with 1 and 2)
    2. similarly on selectfield click, option are visible on screen. But if the back button is clicked without selecting the items of selectfield, the screen navigates to previous screen with selectfield still active (see attachment starting with 3 and 4)
    3. if the focus is on selectfield, then the selectfield options are not displayed (see attachment starting with 5)

    Could you please let me know if we are doing something wrong or is it issue with extjs

    1.screen with alert.PNG2.back screen with alert still there.PNG3.screen with select box option.PNG4.back screen with select option still field.PNG

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pranav C Lunavat

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    1) Not an issue with routing. The router is not connected to any UI for you, you manage the connection in your own code so if you show an alert, you need to hide the alert or any other floating component you open.
    2) This isn't an issue with routing as you would get the same issue if something switched the active item where your form is hidden while the selectfield list is shown. This should be opened in another thread as a bug with a simple test case not even using routing.
    3) Once again, not an issue with routing at all. Should be opened in it's own thread in this bug forum with a simple test case.

    It seems like you are asking for help but posting in the bugs forum. This forum is for reporting bugs, the Q&A forum is for asking for help.
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