I have received a bug report from a client that informed me of this issue as I do not normally test in IE or Edge browsers.

From what I can tell, Edge is not recognizing that I have placed a dynamic event listener using the getScrollable.on() function.

I've tested the Ext.scroll.Scroller events for scroll, scrollend, and scrollbegin and they do not fire at all.

Below is a simple implementation snippet that works for me in Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla browsers

var bcont = view.lookup('BodyCont'),
    bcnt = view.lookup('BodyContent'),
    scroll = bcont.getScrollable(),
    a_btn = view.lookup('AcceptButton');

// Add event listener to scrollable object to see if the scroll bar position is maxed out, if so enable accept button
scroll.on('scroll', function(scrollable, x, y) {

    var max_x = scroll.getMaxPosition().x,
        max_y = scroll.getMaxPosition().y;

     console.log('Max X:', max_x);
     console.log('Max Y:', max_y);
     console.log('Cur Rounded Y:', Math.round(y));

    if(Math.round(y) >= max_y){

        //console.log('Scrolled to the end');

Please disregard the math object rounding workaround I have going above (this appears to be another bug I found between Chrome Desktop and Chrome Mobile where getMaxPosition() returns a float, and scroll(scrollable x,y) values returns a non-float integer value)