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Thread: Inline Editable Grid tabbing looses value in 4.0.3

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    Default Inline Editable Grid tabbing looses value in 4.0.3

    GXT 4.0.3 inline grid editors loose their value when tab is pressed. If enter is pressed or the mouse is used to select a different cell the value is retained.

    To reproduce:
    1. Open
    2. Click a cell in the name column and change the value
    3. Press tab
    4. Value will be lost

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    This is a known regression. With 4.0.3 there is an easy workaround.

    final GridInlineEditing<Plant> gridInlineEditing = new GridInlineEditing<Plant>(grid) {
      protected void onTab(NativeEvent event) {
        if (previousActiveCell != null) {
          ColumnConfig<Plant, ?> columnConfig = columnModel.getColumn(previousActiveCell.getCol());
          IsField<?> field = getEditor(columnConfig);
    Would this help you work around the issue in the meantime? The issue has been escalated and will go into 4.0.4 soon.

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