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Thread: 6.6 nightly issue, ViewModel.set with preventClimb

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default 6.6 nightly issue, ViewModel.set with preventClimb

    A new parameter was introduced on to viewmodel.set(), to allow setting a local value.

    However, it seems whoever added this didn't read the docs for the class:

    To bypass the climbing behaviour and push a value into a particular point in the hierarchy, the {@link #setData} method should be used. Once a local value is set, it will be used as such in the future.
    The correct fix would be:

    Ext.define(null, {
       override: '',
       privates: {
           setupStore: function (store, key) {
               // Force data object creation
               // May have been given a store instance
               store.resolveListenerScope = this.listenerScopeFn;
               this.storeInfo[key] = store;
                   [key]: store
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    Thanks Evan, your help is much appreciated. :)

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