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Thread: Is there a better way to achieve this in Ext JS 5.1.x

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    Default Is there a better way to achieve this in Ext JS 5.1.x

    Back sometime we had a chart requirement on an application which uses ext js (5.1.3 version).


    We had to create a graph which has an axis in tabular form.

    What we did was, we hid the axes through configuration and rendered a custom table (layout: 'table') of the dimensions as the chart. Final output looked something similar to this.


    However, this had some issues related to dynamic sizing of the table.

    My query is - Is there a better way to do this. Atleast I came to know through the sencha documentation that axis does not support html rendering, is there a workaround around this. Any suggestions/ alternate approaches are welcome.

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    Any help would be appreciated.

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