I'm developing an application that uses a lot of packages
Some packages are using external libraire like leaflet/mxgraph...

I'm using the package loader and the recommendations provided by Don Griffin
"uses" instead of "requires" in app.json + Ext.Package.load

I'm running into a problem with external libraries that are not loaded with the packages
I declared these libs in my package.json file

"js": [{
"path" : "${package.dir}/lib/mxGlobals.js"
"path": "${package.dir}/lib/mxgraph/javascript/mxClient.js"
"css": [{
"path": "${package.dir}/lib/mxeditor/styles/grapheditor.css"
"path": "${package.dir}/lib/mxgraph/javascript/src/css/common.css"

If I want to have my libs loaded I've to declare them in the app.json file which is not the goal.

Any comment/feedback is welcome

Thank you for your Help

Frédéric DAL BO
Agilium - France