I have a problem on mobile devices. On "fast clicks" the click event is not fired.

I have created this fiddle to show the use-case:

If on a table, one clicks fast on the views, the "item click" event is not fired. The click event on the view IS fired though properly.
You have to click fast on the views to get the side-effect.

So I get logs like this(the item click is missing for some elements):

elView.onclick Kitchen Sink
elView.onclick Twitter app
elView.onclick Kiva app
item click Kiva app
elView.onclick Geocongress
item click Geocongress
I have tried to change the touch-action...
    html {
        -ms-touch-action: manipulation;
        touch-action: manipulation;
Ext.define('FastDoubleTap', {
    override: 'Ext.event.gesture.DoubleTap',

    config: {
        maxDuration: 0
    _maxDuration: 0
I have the same situation for buttons and practically everything that is clickable.

Any ideas how to fix this?