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Thread: readOnly does not work

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    Default readOnly does not work

    Hi all,
    I have hiddenfields in form like this:
    xtype: 'hiddenfield',
    name: "userName",
    readOnly: true,
    bind: {
    value: '{user.userName}',
    but when form.reset(), hiddenfield value is empty, readOnly not work. how do I prevent reset empty hiddenfield value? Thanks.

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    This happens when your value is binded, on a static value it doesn't reset. Also, readOnly prevents visual editability, you can still change the value of the field programmatically(and this is what form.reset() does). Anyway i don't know why Ext resets binded(and not static) value(if it isn't a bug). But there is a solution by using fields 'change' event and preventing it:

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