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Thread: Having performance issues - ExtJS Classic 6.0.2

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    Default Having performance issues - ExtJS Classic 6.0.2

    Hi guys,

    I have an application with lots of nested Containers inside Panels. The load time for the page is pretty bad. I am already using Ext.suspendLayouts and resumeLayouts which definitely helps but its still not in an acceptable state. I am looking for any ideas on how to render this sort of structure quicker.

    Right now the flow is -

    Loading Mask > construct my array for building the structure > suspendLayout > start adding the containers in a forEach loop > after everything's been added I resumeLayout > Hide Mask

    I am adding 30 containers like this which takes around 4 seconds just to render. Overall the page is taking 7-8 seconds to load/render completely.


    I was thinking rather than rendering everything at once, maybe there is a way I can render containers as they are added, that way users don't have to wait for 4 seconds to start interacting with the page. If you guys have any approach or plugins that might be useful in this kind of scenario then please let me know. Thank you.

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    Your best bet will be to use Chrome dev tools to profile it and find which functions are taking the most amount of time. Start from there. In my experience, you can save some time by deferring the destroy of components. For example, of the 7-8 seconds, half of that may be the destroy of the components before you render again.

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