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Thread: WCAG-2.0 Accessibility Testing

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    Default WCAG-2.0 Accessibility Testing

    We have built an application in Ext JS and are currently in the process of getting it compliant with WCAG-2.0. I know that Sencha has done a lot of work in Ext JS 5 and 6 to improve accessibility, and I would like to know if there are tools that Sencha would recommend for testing an Ext JS application for compliance.

    I have tried the WAVE and SiteImprove browser extensions, but these find false positives on various elements due to the markup that Ext JS generates. Ideally I would use a tool that would be "Ext JS aware" so as to not raise these false positives.

    Sencha, is there anything like what I am looking for?

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    andyjl,I have moved this thread to Accessibility forum, to keep related questions together for better visibility.As to your question, unfortunately we don't have any Sencha specific tools for assessing application accessibility at this point. We have always focused on the practical side, trying to make Ext components screen reader friendly with less regard to formal HTML and ARIA compliance.The usual way for our customers so far has been to go through 3rd party verification process, and then address issues if any.

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