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Thread: Sencha Remote Packages with private GitHub Repo over HTTPS

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    Default Sencha Remote Packages with private GitHub Repo over HTTPS

    Is it possible to setup remote packages with private GitHub repo over HTTPS?

    I was able to setup sencha remote packages with public GitHub repo using the following URL

    However, when trying to apply this to private repo, I'm getting an error..

    Also, tried adding username and password to ~/bin/Sencha/Cmd/ without success.


    sencha repo show
    Sencha Cmd v6.5.1.240
    [INF] Showing local and all remote repositories...
    [INF] Local repository (owner: demo)
    [INF] Remote repository "sencha" (owner: Sencha)
    [ERR] Error downloading

    sencha repo sync
    Sencha Cmd v6.5.1.240
    [INF] Clearing cache for "sencha"
    [INF] Clearing cache for "xxxxxx"
    [WRN] Failed to download remote catalog : Error downloading - Software Development Blog

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    I had the same Problem today. After checking the logs of my server I figured out that Sencha Cmd have problems with https. I couldn't find a working URL Syntax to use https. SO had to fall back to http.

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    cmd has problems with https or your particular setup? aka auth / etc...

    what did your logs tell you that made you confirm that cmd was the issue?
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