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Thread: Ext 6.5.3 BUG - Stateful grid bound to sorted store fails to apply initial state

    You found a bug! We've classified it as EXTJS-26854 . We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.
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    Default Ext 6.5.3 BUG - Stateful grid bound to sorted store fails to apply initial state

    This bug has also been reported on the support site, I am posting it here for other users who may run into it.

    Stateful grids bound to stores with any sorters configured will fail in their applyState method with a null reference to viewModel. Specifically the me.getViewModel().bind() call in the below code snippet from Ext.panel.Table.applyState:

    // New storeState which encapsulates groupers, sorters and filters.
    else if (storeState) {
        // if we are binding a store, we should schedule the applyState method
        // to run as soon as the store is available
        bind = this.getBind();
        boundStore = bind &&;
        if (boundStore && boundStore.isBinding) {
            // this will notify the viewModel once the store binding process is complete
            // and will run applyState for the newly bound store
            me.getViewModel().bind('{' + boundStore.stub.path + '}', function(store) {
            }, this, {
                single: true
        } else {
    I can only assume this is because the applyState method is firing before the viewModel is actually configured for the view. The following override will get around this bug if you do not care about sorters or filters being stateful:

    Ext.define('ExtOverride.panel.Table', {
        override: 'Ext.panel.Table',
        // disable stateful sorters and filters
        applyState: function(state) {
            state.sort = false;
            state.storeState = false;
    And finally here is the fiddle that demonstrates the issue. On first load it will work. Rearrange a column then run the fiddle again. It will fail.

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    I found the same bug a day or so after you posted this. I also found a possible workaround that I have thrown in while I test other things. If you swap out the me.getViewModel() for me.lookupViewModel() it appears to function correctly. I am just not sure if this change has any unintended consequences, but I figured I would share in case anyone wants to mess around with it.

    Here is the updated fiddle with the override that swaps the view model.

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    I ran into this after updating to 6.5.3. I finally tracked this down and was about to report it when I found this post. I will try the workaround above.
    Thank you.

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    getViewModel is absolutely the wrong call to be making there. It assumes the viewmodel is directly attached to the grid.

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