Hey together,
I started with extjs6 and jasmine a while ago.

I have split my Application so one part is in Application/app and the rest is in Application/classic/src.

I can write Jasmine tests for the part in "app" but if I try to create an Element in "classic/src" I get an error. (Unrecognized class name / alias: ...)
The problem is, that Jasmine trys to load the file from app/view man and not from classic/src/view/main.

How can I change that? I found an example where every file is located like that, "MyApp.view.main.Main": "classic/src/view/main/Main.js"" but I think that is not a good Idea. We have updated from extjs5 and our application has at least 100 Files.
Is there a better way to do this?