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Thread: Kitchen Sink doesn't load on iPad

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    Default Kitchen Sink doesn't load on iPad


    just tried to open Kitchen Sink example in standard Safari browser on iPad 9.3.1 and see endlessly rolling loading indicator on a blue background. Looks like error happened internally and app failed to load. Could you check?


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    Still no answer... Is there someone from Sencha team who can comment on that?

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    This appears to be a Safari bug with how we're making use of a static getter with the name name. Unfortunately this is a property React relies on with how we implemented the Ext JS components. When it's transpiled, Safari isn't happy about that property name. It's resolved in later versions of Safari.

    You can try removing that getter from your source and building. The kitchen sink still runs with it removed, but your mileage may vary...
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    Tristan, thanks you!

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