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Thread: CMD 6.5.3 transpiler/polyfills

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    Question CMD 6.5.3 transpiler/polyfills


    I'd like to know where I can configure the settings regarding the transpiler/polyfills.
    Probably in the app.json, but there's no information about that in the docs:

    Another question:
    Is there a place for a common sencha.vmoptions-File to configure a bunch of settings for all my cmd installations?
    Because everytime I update to a newer CMD version I have to increase the memory manually in the CMD-Directory (path/to/cmd/<version>/sencha.vmoptions)



    Edit: Also you're not using the latest closure compiler

    Sencha Cmd 6.5.3 (and earlier version 6.5.2) includes an upgrade to the latest Google Closure Compiler and provides configuration options to manage the transpiler and tune polyfill settings.
    Latest would be v20180101, but you're using v20170806 (path/to/cmd/lib/clojure-compiler-vxxxxxxxx.jar)

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