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Thread: Scroll to invalid field

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    Default Scroll to invalid field

    I have a big form with many fields, I scroll to the invalid field as shown in my code below. But this works only for the fields on top. The code does not scroll if the field was half way the page.

    var mainForm = this.getView();
    mainForm.getForm().getFields().each(function(field, index, length) {    if (!field.isValid()) {
            mainForm.setScrollY(field.getPosition()[1], true);
            return false;
        return true;
    Note: Some fields when I debug in chrome have position both x and y set to zero. I am thinking maybe this is why I can't scroll to them.

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    Hi Bbaale,

    make a simple fiddle and describe the expected behaviour if (a. the first invalid field is on top, (b.the first invalid field is out of visibility in the screen, (c..n numerous invalid fields which needs to be processed each..., and so on. Think we can help you after some more explanation.

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    Try the scrollIntoView() method eg.


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