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Thread: Fileupload missing when putting it together with dataview

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    Default Fileupload missing when putting it together with dataview

    Hi, I was wondering if what is wrong with the way I setup my Panel. Together with a dataview I wanted to include a fileupload with it but it seems that it doesn't show in the panel itself (only the dataview). Any way on how to do this or how to correct it? Appreciate the help.

    var iPanel= new Ext.panel.Panel({                                    
                                        width: 490,
                                        height: 500,
                                        layout: 'fit',
                                        title: 'Select an avatar',
                                        floating: true,
                                        closable : true,
                                        items: {
                                            extend: 'Ext.view.View',
                                            xtype: 'dataview',
                                            id: 'myDataView',
                                            reference: 'dataview',
                                            itemSelector: 'div.dataview-multisort-item',
                                            store: Ext.create(''),
                                            tpl: [
                                                '<tpl for=".">',
                                                       '<a href="#">',
                                                           '<img id="{name}" src="resources/images/default-avatars/{thumb}" height="72" weigh="72"/>',
                                          xtype: 'filefield',  //this does not show in panel
                                          id: 'form-file',
                                          emptyText: 'Select an image',
                                          fieldLabel: 'Photo',
                                          name: 'photo-path',
                                          buttonText: '',
                                          buttonConfig: {
                                          iconCls: 'upload-icon'

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    This somewhat looks like you're expecting the auto layout to determine heights. You might try setting the "outside" panel to a layout: 'vbox' and then give that filefield a height (and the dataview a flex : 1).

    Hope this helps.


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