The problem of editor of column in gridpanel

hello all:
I am using the editor of column in my grid. I want to move the editor when I press enter key. However I pree entry key is invalid. My code Below:
                        text: 'date,
                        editor: {
                            xtype: 'datefield',
                            enableKeyEvents: true,
                            listeners: {
                                keypress: function (cmp, e, eOpts) {
                                    Ext.log('code:' + e.getKey());
                        dataIndex: 'date',
                        filter: {
                            type: 'string',
                            serializer: function (filter) {
                                return filter.value;

console not output 'code:13'.
finally , I want control the editor move next when i press entry code , rather than press tab

extjs previous version example below (i found it from other bbs ,i can't make sure it is correct.extjs 6.X it not work) :