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Thread: SelectField onFocus event only fired once

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    Default SelectField onFocus event only fired once

    I have a List where each ListItem has several ExtReact components including a SelectField. I am having some issues, on an Android touch device, where the selection list (that slides up from the bottom of the screen) partially displays then quickly goes away. While trying to debug focus changes during these scenarios, I setup an onFocus event listener on the SelectField to ensure the focus changes between the SelectFields in each of the ListItems. I discovered that the onFocus event is only ever fired once for each SelectField. I also set up an onClick event for the SelectField and that event never gets fired. What event triggers the SelectField to show the UI that slides up from the bottom of the screen?

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    This comes from Ext.field.trigger.Expand#onExpandTap which in turn expands and shows the picker.
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