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Thread: You messed up my account

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    Default You messed up my account

    I opened a ticket in the support portal asking to add another email address to my account since we are in the process of changing domain names. I specifically stated not to change my email, since the old one is still valid for now, so instead it appears you created a new, separate account.

    Now when I log in I am taken to the new account with no history, no credits, no company name, and no ability to download updates. If I try to edit my profile I get the error, "User not found" and if I click the link to the original ticket email I get the error "Ticket not found," I assume because the ticket is associated with the now inaccessible account.

    Please fix my account ASAP. I would enter a ticket to request this change but it seems I no longer have that ability.

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    I'm not sure who you initially contacted about this change, but I would suggest emailing [email protected] with your account information and they should be able to clear it up for you.
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    How long should this take? I sent an email on Friday and I have yet to hear anything back. My account is still messed up.

    I originally entered a help ticket to have the email address added. Now I can't enter a ticket to get it switched back because the new account has zero credits.

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    Mark it looks like you recently changed the email address for your support. If you reach out to me directly, I will be happy to get this fixed for you. I just don't want to put personal details on the forums unless absolutely necessary. You can reach me at [email protected]

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