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Thread: Having trouble starting thread

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    Default Having trouble starting thread

    I'm brand new to Sencha and this forum. Every time I try to start a thread and include some code in it I get a message saying I have too many URLs in the post. This happens even if I wrap it in the Code wrappers. I'm assuming it's because I have so many periods in the code that the parser here is detecting it as URLs but how can you post Sencha code without periods? What am I doing wrong, and where are the directions for how to post. I've never had this happen before.

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    This happened even when I took a screen shot of the code I was trying to upload. I was wondering if it might be because I'm behind a firewall. I tried activating Inspector yesterday and discovered that it couldn't be activated behind a firewall. Maybe that's the problem? I've never had this problem on other boards like stack overflow etc.

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