All is in the title !
I am using a nested data (json) to populate a form and some grids :

My data :

AqiConfig : root

  • Id
  • Label
  • Type : unique
    • Id
    • Label

  • Pollutants : hasMany
    • Id
    • Optional
    • Tag physical

The fiddle : https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/2bha&view/editor
If you click in a row of the first grid (aqiGrid) then the following components are filled.

First trouble: in aqiForm, if I modify the label then click on Cancel it's OK but if I modify the Type using the combobox the cancel button is not working. Any idea to solve this ?

Second trouble: in the aqiPollutantGrid (under the form). The last column permits to change the physical value of the pollutant. The store of the combobox lists available physicals.
- if I try to change the physical, the current physical disapeared
- if I choose a new physical in the list, the new physical is not selected, the first one appeared. I found a way to soluce that using the change event but I thnik that's not the good way.
- what is the good way to cancel this action and restore the original config values ? I found a way using the rejectChanges() function : OK for the Optional field but an error appeared for the combobox

Thanks for your help !