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Thread: How do i use draggable for input fields

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    Default How do i use draggable for input fields

    I have a input field and iam unable to use the draggable method please let me know how to use

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    Hi, may be by reading the docs : ? Btw, you defined a form panel with input elements, what do you want to achieve with a draggable name field :-) ?

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    i want to drag the textfield so as to drop it somewhere else.can you help me with that with a fiddle ?

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    Hmm, please give me some more hints before helping out with a fiddle. Do you try to build something like a Form Builder, so that you can rearrange the columns in your form panel or something like that? I really like to help you with your problem, but be so kind to provide some info of your use case. Otherwise take a look at the grid and the widgetcolumn in it, if you only have a single columned form, may be the gridviewdragdrop plugin fits your needs with some widgetcolumns containing your form fields ?!

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    can you check the fiddle link i attaches the use case there.

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