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Thread: [6.5 Modern] Infinite list items not showing when dynamically set data

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    Default [6.5 Modern] Infinite list items not showing when dynamically set data

    Ext version tested:
    Ext Modern, Ext Modern, Ext Modern


    Infinite list's items are not showing when dynamically set data to it's store:
    `list.getStore().setData([{ name: 'John' }])`

    But if the data is inline inside store, it works fine.

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    Using 'list.refresh()' doesn't work after setData.

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    Does this issue got resolved? Same not working in Ext modern 6.5.3. This List issue is a major performance bottleneck in my application.

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    Still not working in ExtJS Modern 6.6.0

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    Thank you for contacting Sencha Support!

    This issue has been registered as a bug in our tracker, the reference Jira ticket EXTJS-28241 will be linked here for you to receive updates on the progress of the issue.

    Sencha Support.

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