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Thread: Reference Error for Sencha Test

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    Default Reference Error for Sencha Test

    I'm trying a simple unit test with Sencha Test but keep taking this error;

    System error: ReferenceError: myDemoApp is not defined at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/frontend/la-nuri/Dev/Demo/MyDemoApp/test/DemoScenario/DemoSuite2.js:6:27) at (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at Object.invoke (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at attemptAsync (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at QueueRunner.execute (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at Spec.queueRunnerFactory (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at Spec.execute (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha at Object.fn (/Applications/Sencha/Test/2_1_2_1/Sencha
    I've generate a sample app with `sencha cmd` through this guide with this command;

    sencha generate app -ext MyApp /path/to/my-app
    Here is my test suite and some other code snippets. My reference for test suite is Arthur Kay's github repo which explain unit-tests for ExtJS apps;

     describe('Demo Suite 2', function() {
            describe('onConfirm() method', function() {
                it('should be a function', function() {
                    expect(typeof myDemoApp.view.main.MainController.onConfirm).toEqual('function');
                it('should return a string', function() {
                    expect(typeof myDemoApp.view.main.MainController.onConfirm()).toEqual('string');

    This is sencha-made controller;

         * This class is the controller for the main view for the application. It is specified as
         * the "controller" of the Main view class.
        Ext.define('myDemoApp.view.main.MainController', {
            extend: '',
            alias: 'controller.main',
            onItemSelected: function (sender, record) {
                Ext.Msg.confirm('Confirm', 'Are you sure?', 'onConfirm', this);
            onConfirm: function (choice) {
                if (choice === 'yes') {
                    console.log("this is a yess")
    I want to check `onConfirm` method with that simple unit test suite. Why cannot reach to `myDemoApp`?

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    Based on the error, it looks like you may be trying to run these tests from a WebDriver scenario, so "myDemoApp" would be undefined in that context as the tests will be running separate from the browser.

    For unit tests, and in order to reference "myDemoApp", your tests need to run in-browser alongside your app code. If you edit the details of the Scenario and select "In-Browser" as the type, as opposed to "WebDriver", the tests should pass.
    Daniel Gallo

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