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Thread: Route with parameters

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    Default Route with parameters

    I create ExtReact app use the follow commands:
    npm install -g yo @extjs/generator-ext-react
    yo @extjs/ext-reactand change
    <Route path="/about" component={About} />
    <Route path="/about/:username" component={About} />
    and launch: npm start

    When go to http://localhost:8081/about/Piter then ExtReact try load from incorrect path

    How fix it ?

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    This is not an ExtReact issue. It's likely how the server is configured to handle real URLs. Dev builds use the webpack-dev-server so there may need to be additional configurations made to it to get those URLs to be handled correctly. I see that historyApiFallback is true already. Perhaps there is more necessary.

    You can read more at the react-router docs:
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