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Thread: [ExtJS Modern 6.5] Combobox.setValue always fires change event

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    Question [ExtJS Modern 6.5] Combobox.setValue always fires change event


    I am trying to update a combobox value without firing the change event, which is handled in the viewController of its view.

    • There is no setRawValue method like in Classic to skip the change event
    • I tried mycombo.suspendEvents() before setValue(value), and mycombo.resumeEvents() after setValue(value) : does not have any effect
    • I tried this.suspendEvents() before setValue(value), and this.resumeEvents() after setValue(value), with this being the viewController : does not have any effect either.

    How can I prevent the change event to be fired for a combobox in a viewController event?

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    I've given up with Sencha Modern toolkit. The change event would not stop firing whatever I tried.
    And nobody from Sencha even had the courtesy to reply after a whole week, how unprofessional for a subscriber support forum.
    So I reverted my applications back to Classic and will not try Modern again for the next few years.

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