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Thread: [6.5.2 Modern] ScrollDock end/bottom items do not appear in the order they were added

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    Default [6.5.2 Modern] ScrollDock end/bottom items do not appear in the order they were added

    Ext version tested:
    Ext Modern, Ext Modern, Ext Modern

    Browser versions tested against:
    Windows10 x64 Chrome 62.0.3202.62
    Windows10 x64 Chrome 63.0.3236.0



    The logic of function `changeItemIsLast` in `Ext.dataview.Component` is inconsistent with function `findTailItem` in `Ext.dataview.Abstract`.

    'changeItemIsLast' causes the scolldock end items appear in the reverse order, not the order they were added to the dataview;

    'findTailItem' causes the list items appear above the last scolldock end item's dom node, though it's the first item of `dataview.innerItems`.


    See this thread
    [6.5.2 Modern] EmptyTextCmp causes listpaging cmp positioning above list items
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    When we are docking to the bottom, all the items are stacking one upon another. That's the reason you see they are reversed.

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    But 'findTailItem' method has the opposite loop direction, so it finds the wrong last scrollDock bottom item

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    The behaviour is consistent, see:

    Whether that's desirable or not is a different question.

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