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Thread: ExtJS 6.5.2 performances

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    Default ExtJS 6.5.2 performances

    Hi everybody,
    I have performances issues using ExtJS 6.5.2

    In the past we have developed a large application using Ext JS 3.4

    This application gets a JSon from server and using this json build the Windows and all its content dynamically.
    That means which in JSon there are all the information needed to create all the Ext components.
    And the performances using ExtJS 3.4 were fine.

    Right now we have done the porting to Ext 6.5.2 and the performances are slow.
    Each window takes about 1 second more then 3.4 to render

    Analyzing the performances using Chrome I've see which most of all time is spend in "scripting" part

    Just to give you and idea of the scripting time comparing the same application using different windows:

    The time are in milliseconds
    Ext 3.4 Ext 6.5.2
    330 950
    950 1813
    440 1120

    and so on

    The our javascript code to parse json and build the window is rather the same of the 3.4 version,
    was revisited only to instantiate the new components,
    And In Chrome dev tools I do not see any issue related to the our code

    So I really do not imagine how can I might improve the performances.
    And, above all, I am very surprised about these results: in short my idea was that 6.5.2 might performs better of 3.4, but probably not.

    Does someone has any suggestion?
    Please, I'd like to know the your opinion about it.

    Thanks in advance for the your answers

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    Hi, Ive just developed two very simple fiddles to give you the idea:

    Using ExtJS 3.4 takes 280 ms of scriptiong time, using ExtJS 6.5.2 takes 980 ms of scripting time, so ExtJS 6.5.2 is three (300%!!!) time slower
    Big surprise, right?

    The Ext 3.4 fiddle

    The Ext 6.5.2 fiddle

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    Dear dtex-lab,

    you are not comparing the same things in your fiddles.

    this is more likely to be even with what you are doing in ExtJs 3.4

    I just did a rewrite of a 3.4 app to a 6.5.2 app and I would say you have to use the right components.

    Take a look at what you are doing in 6.5. The time to build the window is rather low. Building 500 components takes almost no time (just move the timeend before the show command).
    But showing the item takes the time. You are pushing a long list of rather complex items into the DOM.
    Lists with a lot of items should be handled with Grids.

    Further you could speed up things, by using data-binding on the fields. That way you will eaily beat the time it took in 3.4.

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    Reduces time by 50 - 100ms in Firefox

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