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Thread: Ext 6.5.2 Tooltips do not show up for disabled buttons

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    Default Ext 6.5.2 Tooltips do not show up for disabled buttons


    I have a button, it is disabled and has a tooltip. When I hover over it, the tooltip does not get shown. The same problem happens for toolbar buttons too.

    Hover over button1, you'll see that the tooltip does not get shown, the same happens for toolbar button2.

    Note: This happens in both Classic & Modern, and used to work in older ExtJs versions (works in ExtJs v 5.0.1 and older)

    One workaround is to set pointer-events css style to visiblePainted
    .x-item-disabled {
    pointer-events: visiblePainted;

    Above will show the tooltips for disabled buttons, but this leads to a different problem for toolbar buttons, when I click an enabled toolbar button (i.e 'toobar button1') and hover over the disabled toolbar button(i.e 'toolbar button2'), the menu of disabled toolbar button gets shown too.

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    A bug seems to have been submitted on this already,

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