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Thread: The best platform to create a website?

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    Default The best platform to create a website?

    I am having an idea of creating a responsive website for my business. I would like to know which is the best platform for web development. It will help me to increase the traffic to my website.

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    Hi Tamil,

    Even if you can craft a "website" with ExtJS where shines is for LOB application.

    For a "website" you should use any CMS or site builder.

    UI: Sencha Architect / ExtJS 4 - 6
    Server side: JEE / EJB 3.x / CDI / JPA 2.x/ JAX-RS / JasperReports
    Application Server: WildFly / Weblogic
    Databases: Oracle
    / MySQL / DB2 / Firebird

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    I wouldn't think that Ext JS is ideal for creating the whole web site as such; it might be OK if you want to have a grid here and a form there, but I wouldn't use viewports, panels, etc, for the entire sire. As ssamayoa suggests, you should use a CMS or something. Keep Ext JS for web applications or use bits as necessary throughout your broader site which is crafted using something else.

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    Hi tamil96,

    If by website you mean just a few simple static pages, some forms etc, then I don't think using ExtJs would be right choice of framework. In such a case you should try wordpress, you can get possibly a plugin for almost every kind of task.

    But if you plan to create a full fledged enterprise application to handle huge datasets, charts, all sorts of UI controls and components then in my opinion ExtJs is the best solution available right now.


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