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Thread: Polar chart not updating labels

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    Default Polar chart not updating labels

    Hi Team,

    I have following code and the labels are not getting refreshed or rendered if all the records are set to 0 values.
    I zeroing out store from another page and when go to page where the polar chart is rendered, it draws new polar chart but keeps the labels of old store values.

    I have used myPolar.redraw() method, but still it is not helpful.

    xtype: 'polar',
    width: 430,
    labelThreshold: 0.05,
    reference: 'myPolar',

    pieAngleField: 'Amount',
    pieLabelDataIndex: 'Name',
    title: 'Title',
    header: {
    padding: 0
    bind: {
    store: '{amountStore}',


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    Do you have (or can you put together) a Fiddle demonstrating your scenario so I can review?


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