I am using a proxy of direct type.
Now, I want to use API methods as described here: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.0.2/c...xy.Direct.html
The issue is that each of my methods (read, create, ..) use different set of parameters on the server side (which is JAVA based),
i.e. functions in the server looks like this:

public void methodA(String a, String b);
public void methodB(String c);

My actions are:
actions: {
MyApp: [{
name: 'methodA',
len: 2
}, {
name: 'methodB',
len: 1

The Direct API should be something like this:

api : {
read: MyApp.methodA,
update: MyApp.methodB

but each of these methods have different set of parameters, how can I set the proxy to pass the correct parameters or is there a way to set different structure to each of the method declared under api?

thank you!

PS - the idea is not to change the signature of the methods in the server to accept THE SAME number of parameters (or using the hashing which sends a map and letting the server 'work-out' what to do with each parameter