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Thread: content in backticks lost in production build

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    Default content in backticks lost in production build

    Hi all,

    we are facing the problem, that when building an app in production mode, all string templates written with the es6 backtick syntax is lost when transpiling to es5. Only two empty backticks with no content in it "survive" the compilation process. Any ideas, if this is a problem with the closure compiler or with the sencha compilation process? Perhaps we have to set some hidden flags?

    Sencha Cmd v6.5.0.180
    ExtJS Version :

    Many thx in advance,


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    Seems not to be an issue of the Closure Compiler as you can see here :

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    Hi all,

    thanks to the official support. Told me that this issue was solved with the Cmd Version

    Hope this helps people stucked with the older version.

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